Frank L. Fowler, CEO

Accurate Background Investigations, Inc

  • Retired Chief of Police
  • Minority Owned
  • Veteran Owned

Frank L. Fowler joined the United States Army in 1984. He served three years active duty and an additional 17 years in the Reserves. During those years, he served in a combat in Operation Desert Storm.

Fowler joined the Syracuse Police Department in 1989. He served in various capacities and ranks during his tenure. In 2009, appointed as Syracuse Police Chief, Fowler led the largest law enforcement agency in Central New York. As Chief, he continually provided executive leadership to the police department and community utilizing his professional tools of organizational values, vision, mission, strategic planning, and exemplary ethical standards to advance the department's service and its components status in the community.

Fowler persistently sought creative and innovative solutions to various problems and challenges to best fulfill his duties and responsibilities as a law enforcement executive. Under his leadership, the Syracuse Police Department continued to make significant progress in driving down violent crime in the City of Syracuse. He always strived to improve the administrative and technical practices within the Syracuse Police department to assure the highest quality service and integrity within the department and to enhance the public’s level of trust.

Fowler has long been at the forefront of developing innovative policing strategies, community-based initiatives, organizational accountability and neighborhood-based programs. The purpose in launching these initiatives was simply to make the Syracuse Police Department better at preventing and responding to crime, working with crime victims, and bringing perpetrators pf crime to justice.

As a direct result of his proficiency and professionalism, Fowler has spoken and lectured at numerous events across the nation on a wide variety of law enforcement matters. In 2015, Chief Fowler participated in the National After-School Summit at the University of Southern California that included former Secretary of the Education Department, Rod Paige and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

All of Fowler's experiences and accolades are ultimately a reflection of his dedication to creating a safe environment for the children and families in Central New York. His goal was to build legitimacy and respect with law enforcement and the community, and trust between the Syracuse Police Department police officers and the community.

Fowler now brings his experience and knowledge to his new role as President and Majority owner of Accurate Background Investigations.

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