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Drug Screening

This service is a lab collected and MRO reviewed drug screen. We fulfill this order through the outsourcing service of national companies. The client issues a chain of custody form to the applicant. The lab returns the results to us at ABI, which we then forward to our client.


This service contains a summary of the applicant’s Department of Motor Vehicle record. The two purposes for this service is to verify a valid driver’s license and to identify a derogatory driving history. *This service can be done for all fifty states.

Credit Reports

The information included in this report includes charge offs, collection accounts, bankruptcies, judgments, balances and monthly payments.

Education Verification

This service will provide a detailed verification of a college graduate. The information we verify and is provided to you will include the type of degree, major, and year graduated.

Criminal Search & Sex Offenders

This Service will go back 10 years. It checks all fifty states, all counties in each state, the federal government as well as the sex offender registry. This will provide convictions whether a misdemeanor or felony. It is very important whether for employment or tenant screening that you know if the applicant has any type of criminal record.

Address History & Verification

Address History

A complete list of addresses for the last 10 years


Address Verification

This will also verify the address through landlords and neighbors besides providing a complete list of addresses for the past 10 years.

Address Verification

We believe Chiropractic Spinal Screenings are a critical component to educating participants about the effects of subluxation and demonstrating how chiropractic care may improve overall health.

Spinal screenings are non-invasive, while providing incredible insight into each person’s health and wellness. Whether you want to improve your lifestyle or just to find out more about your health, booking an appointment to have a spinal screening at Chiropractic is a perfect start!